2017 Team Thunder Summer Camps

The Calvary Chapel Wrestling Camps provide an excellent environment for you to pursue your wrestling goals. 

Whether you are training for a National Championship, or just want to improve your skill set, our camps provide the resources you need to excel in your journey as a wrestler.  Our staff is full of National Champions and current NCAA Division I standouts that are eager to share the insights that have helped them achieve greatness on the mat.  Our training facility is home to many California State and National Champions, as well as professional athletes from all over the globe.

Not only does our camp offer top notch techniques that have been proven to work at all levels of wrestling competition, we also present an environment of encouragement, fun, and safety.

The goal of our staff is encourage your wrestler on his journey by providing sound technical help while having a blast!  This camp is purposefully not designed as a grueling training camp, but rather a fun environment where kids will build memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.